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New Orthodontic Systems: Fastbraces®

posted on May 10, 2016 by ealing

Peter Laskowski has been providing orthodontic treatment to his patients since 1985. In that time we have seen advances in the technology of orthodontic appliances that offer huge benefits to our patients. These benefits mean that we can treat patients of all ages: children, teenagers and adults. Appliances are more discreet, with plastic aligners, tooth […]

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Fastbraces®: A Testimonial

posted on March 08, 2016 by ealing

The biggest question for a child or adult who may need braces would probably be “how quickly can I get them off?” There are no miracle shortcuts in orthodontics, but Fastbraces® technology is different by design. Fastbraces® makes it possible to measure treatment time in months instead of years. Some patients see results in just […]

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