Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistryBeautiful smiles can open doors to opportunities that can change your life. A great-looking smile does not only involve white teeth, but also includes the appearance of the gums, and the lips. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on aesthetic improvements that aim to make the smile look much more attractive – so that you can be proud and supremely confident to flash your dazzling smiles anytime you want to do so.

Do you avoid smiling because you’re embarrassed of how your teeth look like? Let cosmetic dentistry do its magic in giving you the beautiful smile that you want and deserve.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for More Attractive Smiles

The treatments given below will work in improving the appearance of your smile and in some cases, can also bring about improvements in your overall dental health.

Cosmetic Dentistry can Include One or a Number of the Treatments Below

Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Stains and discolourations on the surface of teeth can significantly decrease the attractiveness of your smile; these surface stains can also lead to dental problems when left untreated for a long time. With time your teeth will discolour, and this can be made worse by drinking tea, coffee and red wine, or by smoking.

Whitening gently removes discolourations without damaging the teeth. Results are dramatic and last for many years. Using the home whitening kit you will be able to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home in just 2 -3 weeks.

White Fillings

white filling

Modern techniques and materials allow us to safely place tooth-coloured (white) fillings which are strong, durable, and in many instances better than the older amalgam (silver) fillings. We currently use two techniques for restoring teeth with tooth-coloured materials: composite fillings, and porcelain inlays.


dental veneersVeneers are very thin layers of porcelain that are bonded to the front surfaces of a tooth to make it look better. Treatments with veneers can: close unsightly gaps between teeth, whiten discoloured or stained teeth, repair chipped teeth, and straighten the appearance of front teeth without the need to use dental braces.

White Crowns

white crown

New technology has enabled us to provide very strong, metal-free, tooth-coloured crowns that are so similar to natural teeth, so that no one can notice you have dental crowns. These white crowns eliminate the ugly black lines that appear around conventional, older type of crowns.

 Orthodontic Braces

orthoWe use modern orthodontic appliances and techniques for straightening teeth to create a beautiful smile. We use tooth-coloured and unobtrusive appliances, thus eliminating the embarrassment that comes from having a mouth full of noticeable metal wires and brackets.