Do You Have a Dental Emergency in Ealing or West London?

A dental appointment allows the dentist to address your dental problems so you can have long-lasting pain relief, and also to prevent further complications from setting in. However, not all dental problems can wait for a scheduled visit to the dentist, especially if severe pain and injuries to the face and head areas are involved. A dental emergency needs immediate dental attention so that more serious problems can be avoided.

Our normal practice hours are:
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For dental emergencies and other urgent matters, please call us to check our out-of-hours services, as well as to check for weekend appointments.

What are the Most Common Dental Emergency Situations?

  • Tooth Pain/ Toothache – Severe pain from an aching tooth can leave you immobile and unable to do anything else. This dental emergency situation needs the urgent attention of a dentist, who will be able to give long-lasting pain relief in the form of medications to address the presence of infection. The necessary dental treatment will also be given to make sure that the pain, and whatever causes it, will be dealt with effectively.
  • Knocked Out or Lost Tooth – A knocked out tooth, especially if it is a permanent one, constitutes a dental emergency that needs to be checked by a dentist as soon as possible. There is still a possibility that the knocked out tooth can be re-attached, as long as the root part is kept clean and the tooth is also brought to the dentist within an hour from the time the tooth was knocked out.
  • Lost Tooth Filling – When a tooth filling is lost, the cavity is left exposed, causing severe pain and extreme sensitivity in the area. Immediate dental care is needed to prevent the development of infection in the affected tooth, and also to address the sensitivity issues that cause extreme discomfort.
  • Injuries to Soft Tissues – Direct trauma to the face and mouth area can cause injuries to the lips, gums, inner cheeks, and the tongue. Going to the dentist to have the injury checked is important to deal with the situation, and to stop bleeding that may have resulted from the injury.
  • Lost Dental Crown – Losing a dental crown exposes the tooth (or the dental implant) underneath to sensitivity and the development of infections. Emergency dental care should be sought in this case so that the crown can be replaced immediately…

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