Dental Treatment Fees

Cash, cheques and all major credit cards accepted.

New Patient Exam (including X-rays)£80
Implant Consultation (including panoral X-ray)£100
Cosmetic Consultation£100
Orthodontic Consultation£100
Recall Examination£45
Periodontal Therapy
Hygiene for Treatment of Gum Disease (per 30 min session)£150
Periodontal examination£80
Dental Implants
Stabilising Loose Denture using 4 Mini Implants (using Existing Denture)£4000
Implant placementfrom £1300
Crown for Implantfrom £900
Bone Grafting using Ethossfrom £300
Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)
Anterior (Front Tooth)£450*
Premolar (Back Tooth)£500*
Apicectomyfrom £450
Emergency Treatment of Tooth Abscess£250
(* There is an additional charge for a filling or crown after completion of the root canal therapy
Partial Acrylicfrom £900
Full denturefrom £900
Full Upper and Lowerfrom £1700
Partial Metal (Vitalium)from £1300
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening (using Wy10 Professional)-Home Whitening Kit£250
Diagnostic Tests
Small X-rays (Digital)£20

Panoramic X-ray (Digital)£80
Study Models£50
Occlusal Analysis (including Study Models)£150
White fillings (Light Cured Composite)£200-£220
Gold fillings (Inlays)from £800
Amalgam FillingsN/A
Composite Inlays (laboratory made)from £500
Porcelain Bonded to Non-precious Alloy£700
Porcelain Bonded to Gold Alloy£750
Full Gold Crownfrom £850
Aesthetic all Porcelain Crown (Zirconium or EMax)£750
Post & Core (laboratory made)£300
Porcelain (Emax)£750
Compositefrom £450
Porcelain Bonded to Non-Precious Alloy£700 per unit
Porcelain Bonded to Gold Alloy£750 per unit
All Porcelain Zirconium Bridge£750 per unit
Typical price for a 3 Unit Bridgefrom £2100
Tooth Removal
Simple Tooth Removalfrom £150
Surgical Tooth Removalfrom £250
Complex Wisdom Tooth Removalfrom £350
Orthodontics (Dental Braces)
Smile Tru – Clear AlignersFrom £2000 simple to £4000 complex
Full Case Fixed Appliance (Damon System) metal brackets£4100*
Full Case Fixed Appliance (Damon System) tooth coloured brackets£4300*
(*fees include monthly adjustment visits and retaining appliance)