New Technology - Placing Implants in Areas Considered Almost Impossible

Versah burs from Densah Bur Technology

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Versah burs – Preserves the bone and enhances healing for Dental Implant Placement.

This unique implant system allows us to easily place implants in areas where it was almost impossible to do so before due to lack of bone support. 

Versah Bur
Versak Dental Implant Burs

It utilizes a technique called osteodensification. This is the process where a drill doesn’t cut and remove bone but it compacts and expands the implant host site.

  • When we place implants a small hole has to be cut into your jaw bone to allow a space for the new implant.
  • In unfavourable circumstances where the jaw bone is too thin or too shallow it can be impossible to achieve this due to lack of bone volume.
  • Versah burs are different to conventional implant drills in that they don’t remove bone but condense and reshape the bone to provide space for the implant.
  • The action of the Versah drills is very gentle compared to other osseodensification techniques.
  • It allows us to place implants where it was impossible before and eliminates the need for bone grafting in some cases thus reducing the treatment costs.