Damon Braces – Orthodontic System

Whiter Teeth = Brighter Smiles

damon braces

Ealing Smiles is pleased to offer our patients the Damon Orthodontic System. These braces are dramatically advanced in design and offer an entirely new way of treating patients.

Teeth Whitening

damon braces

The Damon orthodontic system has many benefits over conventional fixed braces.

Damon braces use a passive self-ligating system. This means that they do not need wire or elastic ties to hold the archwire in place. Wire and elastics ties generate friction resulting in discomfort during treatment. Wire and elastic ties result in longer treatment.

Traditional braces often require removal of healthy teeth and the use of palatal expanders to make space. This approach is often uncomfortable, takes longer and can leave a narrower arch and a flat profile.

Damon braces enhance overall facial aesthetics.

Benefits of Damon Braces

  • Shorter treatment time – orthodontic improvements are quicker compared to traditional dental braces.
  • More comfortable orthodontic treatment – because of the Damon passive ligation system, the lighter forces generated by the Damon appliance do not cause pain after adjustment visits unlike the traditional appliances.
  • Fewer dental appointments – fewer adjustments need to be made with the Damon braces, so fewer trips to the dentist are required.
  • Easier to clean – Damon braces are designed to be comfortable and easy to keep clean. Without the elastic ties, which attract and collect plaque, Damon braces make dental hygiene easy during treatment.
  • Discreet – the Damon System is available in clear brackets for patients who want a great smile without sacrificing aesthetics.

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Porcelain Dental Braces

Porcelain dental braces offer an ideal option to those who wish to have their teeth straightened in a discreet way. The tooth-coloured braces are created to blend with the appearance of the natural teeth, without the obvious metal wires and brackets used in traditional dental braces. The porcelain brackets are translucent so that the teeth’s’ natural shade is maintained.

childrens orthodontics

We provide a Referral Service for free NHS Orthodontics to all under 16 years of age

“We believe that 95% of orthodontic treatment of crowded teeth can be carried out without the need of extraction of permanent teeth. We believe that by not extracting permanent teeth the results will be far more stable, look better and function better”.

Orthodontics Dental Braces Overview

There is no doubt that straight teeth make a smile more attractive. Even a single crooked tooth can make your entire smile awkward-looking, and unhealthy in the process. Teeth straightening through orthodontics makes it possible for you to flash gorgeously straight teeth whenever you smile – and with the technology of using porcelain (tooth-coloured) brackets and invisible braces such as Clearstep, you can have the teeth straightening treatment in the most discreet manner.

Say Goodbye to Crooked Teeth with Orthodontics!

“We believe that 95% of orthodontic treatment of crowded teeth can be carried out without the need of extraction of permanent teeth. We believe that by not extracting permanent teeth the results will be far more stable, look better and function better”.Troubled with your crooked teeth? At Ealing Smiles, we carry out all forms of tooth straightening (orthodontics).We offer a full range of services using fixed or removeable appliances on adults and children, because teeth straightening (and the benefits of this treatment) is for everyone regardless of age. Thanks to the latest techniques, it is now possible to straighten teeth without the need for extraction of permanent teeth. We keep up to date with development of new techniques, which enables us to carry out more complex cases in a shorter treatment time – which means fewer visits for you, our patients. We use modern orthodontic appliances, which are tooth-coloured and unobtrusive making them more acceptable to wear.

We now mostly use the Damon system for teeth straightening, which offers faster and easier treatment of more complicated cases. It avoids the need for extraction of permanent teeth in cases of dental crowding.

What are the Advantages of Orthodontics?

  • More Beautiful Smiles – Orthodontics work in improving the alignment of crooked teeth. Teeth that are not properly aligned look unnatural and unhealthy, and can make the smile unattractive. Your smiles will significantly look better when they are straightened with the help of orthodontics; as a result, you will experience a confidence boost because you know that your teeth are as straight and as beautiful as they can be. You can smile, laugh, and speak with full confidence of your teeth’s attractiveness.
  • Improved Speech – Crooked teeth contribute to speech difficulties; it may be difficult to pronounce certain letters, and to produce certain sounds, when there are several teeth that are improperly aligned. Teeth straightening will help in improving normal speech patterns.
  • Bruxism and TMJ Solutions – Bruxism is the uncontrollable grinding of teeth, which can lead to pain and other problems concerning the jaws and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). Orthodontics can alleviate the pain and symptoms caused by bruxism and TMJ disorders by moving the teeth into proper alignment; teeth straightening also works by easing the stress on the jaw caused by teeth that are not in their desired positions.