About Dentures

dentures1The loss of natural teeth can be a traumatic experience. Being toothless not only affects your appearance, but can also make certain things – such as chewing on food, eating, and speaking – much harder to do. A quick solution to missing teeth problems can be provided by dentures, which replace both the form and the function of teeth that have been lost due to a variety of reasons.

We provide acrylic, metal, and Valplast dentures to replace both the form and the function of missing teeth. We also offer partial, full, immediate and implant-retained dentures.

Don’t want to be toothless? Ask us how we can bring your smiles back with dentures.

Flexible Dentures for Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be replaced with removable dentures. These can either be acrylic-based (plastic), metallic, or nylon-based flexible dentures called Valplast. The strength and durability of Valplast dentures are unmatched, so you can be assured of getting the most out of your set of dentures for a very long period of time.

Valplast flexible denturesValplast is a thermoplastic nylon with excellent elastic memory and outstanding aesthetic qualities. The unique translucency of the material allows the patient’s natural tissue tone to show through, making Valplast virtually invisible to the untrained eye.

“This means that you can have Valplast dentures without other people knowing that you have a prosthetic teeth appliance in your mouth, giving you the confidence to smile whenever you wish to do so”.

What are the Benefits of Dentures?


Aside from improving the appearance of your smile by replacing natural teeth that have been lost, the use of dentures also improves how you speak. Even a single tooth lost can affect proper speech; the loss of several or all teeth can make it very hard to speak clearly, and talking to others can become a very embarrassing experience. Dentures bring back your confidence in speaking normally so you can again be comfortable with conversing easily with other people.

Chewing on food and eating without teeth are very challenging to manage. When you do not have teeth, it is very frustrating to eat the food items that you want, since chewing can be awkward and quite painful on the gums (which take on the stress of cutting the food inside the mouth, taking on the role of the lost teeth).

Dentures make it possible for you to start eating your favourite food items with no difficulties, and give you the freedom to enjoy the culinary treasures that also bring much-needed sustenance to your body.